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E-Waste Drives

Making electronic recycling easy and accessible for everyone  
Curbside Pickup Service
Sep 01, 2020, 6:42 AM
Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area

*Due to COVID-19, we will be postponing the drive at Carroll High School and our presentations at Coppell's EcoEarthFest.*

Step 1:  Educate

Members of our organization actively educate their communities about recycling and encourage people to drop off their devices in our hands rather than landfills. 

Step 2: Collect

At popular and accessible local avenues, we collect old electronic devices upon residents' convenience. We also host recycling drives with the help of sponsors and partners. 

Step 3: Recycle

Upon collecting large volumes of electronics, we ship devices to electronic recycling facilities which repurpose them and mitigate waste. The excess revenues are given back to the community.