The Problem of E-Waste

Every two years, many people’s phones suddenly upgrade with 30 new cameras, 10 new colors, and automated technology. So, what happens with their old phones? Some participate in a trade-in program, some sell it on eBay, but most throw it away either in the trash or a hidden place in their garage. Technology has become essential in the modern world, and it is only continuing to integrate into every aspect of our lives. From our cell phones to smart homes, it’s impossible to find someone who hasn’t been affected by electronics in some way or form. However, the usage span of these devices is declining, causing many “old” devices to be thrown away just to be replaced with a new one that is only slightly more efficient. With the growing demand in the technological industry, companies often disregard the gruesome environmental impact they bring upon the world. Since the demand is increasing, the prices are decreasing. Now, half of all households in the world have internet access and 7.7 billion people have cell phones. This, of course, is a statistic to be celebrated, as more people can now be more educated and connected than ever. That being said, this calls for us to be proactive in minimizing its effect on the world. 

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What's E-Waste?

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How Widespread Is It?

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Who Gets Harmed?

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Formal vs. Informal E-Recycling


What Can Be Done?




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