About ElectroCycle

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Our Mission

To preserve the natural environment by promoting campaigns of recycling electronic waste in communities.

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Our Vision

We work to build a world where all e-waste is repurposed and communities are powered by sustainability. 

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From the Founder

On behalf of the ElectroCycle team, I would like to welcome you to our website.


We are a small organization, but have an all-embracing vision. We started this non-profit with the ambition to everything, but it all boiled down to our purpose of promoting sustainability through electronic recycling. Since our beginnings, we’ve devoted ourselves to educating the public, perfecting our processes, and spreading our vision. 


To me, ElectroCycle is one of the only 501(c)(3)s left that can fulfill its mission through first-handed education. While there are hundreds of NFPs striving to protect the planet, our team works to carry out projects which target audiences ranging from the youth all the way to conglomerates. An investment in knowledge pays the best interest, and we believe that it is the key to environmental protection. Thus, we host interactive drives, directly educate the public, and provide hard-workers like us with investments to pay the interest of mitigating waste.


If you are considering working with ElectroCycle, let me be the first to convey our honor in your consideration. We have poured our hearts into building this organization which has grown from a set of core principles that we take pride in. As there are many ways to contribute to the cause of sustainability outside our organization, we understand you would like to be confident of your choice to work with us. 


I would like to invite you to a video call to assure you of your decision. You can present me with your most challenging concerns and inquiries, or simply have a casual conversation. Regardless, I will personally make sure to discuss everything on your mind. Click here to schedule our call.


Once again, thank you for your consideration in working with us. 



Suchira Karusala


We are a group of leaders from schools across the DFW metroplex. Driven by purpose, we have become well-versed with the world of electronic recycling and hope to spread our voice.